Signs That You Should Schedule an Eye Exam

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It’s recommended that you schedule regular eye exams, but sometimes you may need to visit your optometrist between those scheduled visits.

The time between “regular appointments” will vary, depending on your age. Children commonly have their 1st eye exam at six months old, a 2nd exam at three years old, and a 3rd before beginning first grade.

From age 6 to 60, the American Optometric Academy (AOA) recommends the average healthy person schedule an eye exam every other year, and then once every year from age 60 on. This will be different for those “at risk.”


When To Come In For An Eye Exam Between Scheduled Visits

As mentioned, there are some instances where you should not wait to schedule an eye exam. These are listed below:

You’ve Been Squinting More

If you find yourself needing to squint to read road signs or restaurant menus, it’s probably time to come in for an eye exam and determine if you need a prescription update.

Flashes And Floaters In Your Vision

It’s typical to have a few floaters in your eyes. Outside of being annoying, they usually aren’t a major problem. If you start seeing a bunch of new ones at once though, you definitely need to schedule an appointment, especially if you’re also experiencing bright flashes of light or a decrease in of peripheral vision. These are symptoms of retinal detachment, which can cause blindness if it is not treated promptly.

Frequent Headaches

Vision problems are not always the root cause of headaches, but a surprising number of cases are tied to eye problems. Your headaches may be caused by eye strain from your digital screens. If so, we can help!

Inflammation and Eye Infections

Some eye infections will heal naturally, but there is no reason to take that risk. If you have blurred vision, light sensitivity, unusual discharge from your eye, itchiness, redness, or pain, call our office as soon as possible. These symptoms can lead to serious infections.

We’re here to keep your eyes healthy!

If you feel that your vision health is compromised in any way, please reach out to our office to schedule an eye exam. One of our doctors will be happy to help determine the root cause of the issue.

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