Eye diseases and conditions

Eyelid Margin Disease Including Blepharitis


Eyelid margin disease refers to a set of conditions that cause chronic inflammation of the eyelids.  These types of inflammation are very common and will cause irritation, redness of the eyes, itching, and burning.  Blepharitis is the term used to describe one type of eyelid margin disease in which the upper and lower lids become inflamed.  This occurs when the normal bacteria that live on your eyelids become over-populated, causing the formation of a dandruff-like scaling at the edge of the eyelids.  Meibomianitis is another type of eyelid disease, in which the meibomian glands (oil secreting glands of the eyelids) become inflamed.  Eyelid margin disease can be treated in several ways.  Warm compresses can help keep the oil glands from becoming clogged and help reduce the build up of the scales formed in blepharitis.  Along with compresses, it is helpful to perform eyelid scrubs, gently cleaning the eyelid margins with a washcloth or a cotton swab.  Artificial tears can give temporary relief to the symptoms of irritation.  Sometimes, it is necessary to also use antibiotic ointment to reduce the bacterial colonies along the eyelids.