Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses

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Learning to take care of your contact lenses and build the right habits for using them is critical. Since contact lenses rest directly on your eye, they can transfer contaminants, particles, and bacteria that can cause serious problems. That said, you can avoid most of these issues by practicingproper hygiene and safety. Follow these steps to keep your contact lenses clean and safe:

Contact Lens Care Tips

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before applying your contact lenses to your eyes.
  • Never reuse old solution. Always clean your contacts and store them in fresh solution.
  • Wash your contact lens case with solution and allow it to dry in between uses. Replace the case every 3 months at minimum.
  • Don’t ever store or wash your contacts in water. Potentially dangerous microorganisms live in most water sources, and they can burrow into your contact lenses.
  • Adhere to the guidelines for how long to use the contacts before replacing them.


Prevent Irritation & Infection

Caring for your contacts when they’re not in your eyes is just as important as what you do when the lenses are in. Follow these guidelines to protect your eyes when contacts are being used:

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes. This could damage the contact and transfer oils or germs from your hand to your eyes. Rubbing your eyes will usually increase irritation versus decrease it.
  • Stay hydrated, blink often, and use eyedrops recommended for contacts-wearers as needed to keep your eyes sufficiently moisturized.
  • Be aware of the guidelines for how long to leave your contacts in. You should only wear contacts overnight if they’re specifically designed for it and your doctor suggests it. Our eyes absorb oxygen directly from the air, and wearing contact lenses for too long can starve them of oxygen, causing abnormal discomfort. Other risks include infection and dry-eye syndrome.

Your eyes bothering you? We can help!

If your contact lenses are causing irritation, having trouble staying in your eyes, or you suspect a more serious problem, don’t hesitate to visit our clinic! We’re here to keep your eyes healthy and help you with any eye care problems. We’re conveniently located right here in Lapine, so call our office today.

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