Should You Buy Glasses Online Or In-Office?

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With all the options for online shopping today, it is tempting to want to buy glasses online.

Many online retailers now that offer complete sets of glasses. They can be shipped right to your door, for an affordable price. So the question arises, why would a patient who just had an eye exam still shop in their doctor’s office for their glasses?

The first consideration is that ordering glasses online does not give you the opportunity to work with a trained optician. Opticians are able to help you find the best style and best fitting glasses.

Having the proper fit in eyewear is extremely important. It will affect how comfortable you are wearing your glasses and how well they will protect your eyes. It is often difficult to gauge how glasses sold online will actually fit your facial structure. A trained optician can answer any of your questions and guide you toward the best match.

The second consideration is that online retailers often sell glasses that are often not nearly the same quality as a pair of glasses purchased at the doctor’s office. According to the American Optometric Association, half of all pairs of eyeglasses purchased online either fail safety compliance rules or are the incorrect prescription.  If you order a pair of glasses with impact-resistant lenses, there is a chance those lenses have not gone through the proper safety inspection to certify they are impact resistant. It is also possible that the glasses you’ve purchased do not have the exact same prescription your doctor prescribed to you.

If you check the FAQ section of many online eyewear retailer websites, you’ll find that they won’t require you to provide a written prescription or verify that your prescription is correct unless the order is shipping to one of a select few states that require them to do so.

So should you buy online or in-store?

The trip to your local eye care office may take a little longer than shopping online, but it ensures that you will get a customized fit and care from highly trained doctors and staff. When it comes to something as important as your vision and eye health, we recommend coming into the office, at least as a first step! Remember, we’re here to help you with all your eye care needs. Give us a call to schedule your exam or to visit our optical store.

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