Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Right For You?

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Daily disposable contact lenses are one-time-use contacts that get thrown away at the end of each day. On the following day, you open and use a brand new pack of lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses are gaining becoming more popular among doctors and patients because they tend to be more convenient and safe to use.

Before we get into the benefits and drawbacks of daily disposable contacts, remember that “daily wear contacts” are different than “daily disposable contacts.” A daily wear lens simply means it must be removed before going to bed, because it’s not FDA approved for extended (overnight) wear. These lenses have different lifespans ranging from weeks to months, depending on the brand and type. In contrast, daily disposable contact lenses can only be work for one full day before disposal.


Benefits of daily disposable contact lenses:

Overall, replacing your contact lenses more frequently will result in healthier, pain-free eyes.

Proteins and other substances found naturally in your tears can build up on your lenses over time. This makes your contacts less comfortable than when they were new, and can also increase the risk of infection.

Of course, storing and cleaning your lenses daily will help, but this will not remove 100 percent of substances. Some deposits will remain and continue to accumulate over time.

Daily disposables are also more convenient in that you don’t need to worry about storing or cleaning them overnight. Simply throw them away!


Things to consider with daily disposable contact lenses:

Daily disposable contact lenses are on average more expensive than longer-use contact lenses. However, the cost may vary a lot depending on the material and brand. Daily disposable contact lenses made with silicone hydrogel are frequently sold as “premium” daily disposables with the highest quality and cost.

Remember that the higher cost of daily disposable lenses is somewhat offset by the fact that you will not need to buy lens cleaning solution for them.

Outside of the cost of the lenses, keep in mind you must be fit for contact lenses by an eye care professional. Fitting fees vary depending on how complicated your prescription is. Despite a higher price point, daily disposable lenses are more affordable than you might think.

Another consideration is that your particular prescription may not allow you to use daily disposable lenses. If your prescription is outside the range in which daily disposable lenses are produced, you may be limited to other forms of contacts. Rare prescriptions can require reusable, annually-replaced lenses.


Should I Wear Daily Contact Lenses?

Ultimately, you will need to speak with your eye doctor to determine what the best options are for your eyewear needs. A thorough eye exam and vision evaluation will help your doctor determine whether daily disposable contacts are right for you! Hope you found this helpful!




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